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In March this year, Ryan’s Hong Kong courts, a flour-free luminous version – that is mentioned herein, “CERN” face 1019 to 150,000 Hong Kong dollars of the price of the transaction, to arouse our attention on the second generation of the Rolex Milgauss 1019 again. In fact, the price of second-hand history of 1019 had reached 55,000 euros! Than it used to be touted “green glass” highest price more expensive Shang Hao! a few! Times! Why is it more expensive than gold labor? Listen turelovewatches detail.

Replica Rolex Milgauss

Sometimes hear people chatting, what is the most uk replica watches swiss? Then every time the issue is destined to find no solution. For example, if differences of opinion, one of the gold workers insist Day-Date, and the other look Submariner (Kelpie) steel workers, then there must also convince anyone who, because of who is very reasonable. Another topic is raised relatively few: What is the most unlike replica rolex watches in uk? Sounds first ask the opposite, in fact, the essence of the same – after all, most especially Replica Rolex Which?

Milgauss series was born in 1954, officially launched in 1956, has more than half a century, but only to pass three generations of students, very slow metabolic rate, can be described as Rolex all series numbers vary. This Milgauss three generations, the first generation Ref.6541 / 6543 rarest, the second generation of the longest Ref.1019 year of production, the third generation Ref.116400 the most widely known people today – because still in production, shop in stock at any time visible and constantly new, 15-year Basel watch Fair released the latest Ref.116400GV blue green glass surface, red again evoke the memory of the same type of black people face when the touted green glass.

Replica rolex Milgauss2

Of course, so to say, all of the labor movement is the first professional table (or said tool table):The Replica Watches Submariner / Sea-Dweller– deep-sea diving, Rolex Explorer– climbing expeditions, Rolex GMT– intercontinental flight, Rolex Daytona– racing, Yacht- Master– yacht. These professionals have a certain number of tables sporty, thus gradually evolved into a mass movement is in line with modern tastes and leisure. In contrast, Milgauss more formal gas (including aperture straight needle Ref.6541 / 6543), among which the most Ref.1019 second generation “alternative”, but also my eyes, “most unlike Replica Rolex” Fake watches classic .

As we all know, Milgauss word combination to French “Mille” (meaning “A thousand”) and Gauss (Gauss) two words, meaning this watch can resist up to 1,000 gauss flux (also known as magnetic flux density). In reality the magnetic field everywhere, ordinary watch can withstand at most 70 gauss flux around, although sufficient to cope with everyday life, but several times, such as more than 10 times in Sri Lanka to a strong magnetic field environment power plants, hospitals, research institutions, the these watches will soon be affected by magnetism, severe affect the accuracy walking, or even completely shut down. So magnetic table should be timely.

The first to be put into practical use professional anti-magnetic watch some military form, such as Replica Watch – IWC for the German air force made Big Pilot flight watch, IWC and Jaeger-Lecoultre RAF made Mark 11 flight table, and Rolex for the Italian Navy produced by Panerai Luminor dive tables, are used in an external magnetic field within the magnetic isolation cover soft iron to reach the inner core magnetic effect.

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